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Prices, Order Forms & Availability 2020

All our Turkeys and Turkey Crowns are Bronze Turkeys.


Free Range Goose Free Range Bronze Turkey Free Range
Turkey Crown
Barn Reared Chicken
Weight Price per bird Weight Price per bird Weight Price per bird Weight Price per bird
4.0kg £54.00 4.5kg £54.00 3.0kg £50.00 3.0kg £21.00
4.5kg £60.00 5.0kg £58.00 3.5kg £58.00 3.5kg £24.00
5.0kg £67.00 5.5kg £64.00 4.0kg £65.00 4.0kg £27.00
5.5kg £73.00 6.0kg £68.00 4.5kg £72.00 4.5kg £31.00
6.0kg £80.00 6.5kg £73.00 5.0kg £79.00 5.0kg £34.00
6.5kg £86.00 7.0kg £78.00    
  8.0kg £84.00
9.0kg £92.00
10.0kg £100.00

All poultry available.


To download the order forms (in either Word or PDF format) please 'right mouse-click' the relevant link as select "Save link as...". On a Macintosh you may have to hold down the Ctrl key when you click the link.

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01743 741672

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Enquiries for quantity orders from butchers and farm shops are welcome.

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